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Soledad O'Brien
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CNN Tour
Journey into the heart of the world's news leader at Inside CNN Atlanta. This 55-minute
behind-the-scenes tour shows you exactly what it takes to deliver the news available to over 2
billion people worldwide.  All conference attendees will receive $1 discount off the tour if you
show your conference badge at the time you purchase the tickets.  To learn more about the
click here.

Martin Luther King Jr. Tour
Transportation will be provided on Monday and Tuesday for conference attendees that sign-up
in advance.  To learn more about this historic site and to reserve your tour
click here.

BODIES...The Exhibition features more than 250 real, whole and partial human body specimens
providing an up-close look inside the skeletal, muscular, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory
and other systems of the human body. These specimens have been meticulously dissected and
preserved through an innovative process that gives individuals the opportunity to view the
complexity of their own organs and systems like never before. To learn about the bodies exhibit
click here.

Dialog in the Dark
Don't miss your chance to experience this unique exhibit.  Since its inception in 1988,
approximately 5 million visitors have experienced DIALOG IN THE DARK worldwide. Over 5,000
blind and visually impaired people found employment and were empowered through DIALOG IN
THE DARK. DIALOG IN THE DARK has succeeded in reaching out to the general public and
gained tremendous attention from international media. To learn more about the exhibit

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