Overview – 18 Years of Service
    Consistent with AILG’s commitment to providing proactive, ongoing, topical Affirmative Action and EEO
    education, the organization has conducted high quality workshops and conferences open to Human Resource
    professional and interested individuals in the community.  These sessions are cost attractive, particularly to
    smaller companies, informative and enabling.  Our co-sponsorship with the Regional and District Offices of the
    OFCCP has afforded the opportunity to expand our offering throughout the Region to contractors who
    otherwise might not receive adequate service.  In addition to workshops and conferences, during AILG
    membership meetings, the major portion of the agendas is devoted to programmatic offerings rather than
    operational or organizational matters.  The following is a listing of the Atlanta Industry Liaison Group’s major

Educational Workshops, Meetings and Conferences:
    Sponsored/Co-Sponsored             12 – Regional Educational Conferences        
    Conducted/Hosted                        35 - Educational workshops and meetings

Financial Support to EEO & Community Activities: Contributed $78,100
    $20,600        1999 National ILG Conference – Seattle, WA
    $6,000          2001 Scholarship Awards
    $28,000        2003 National ILG Conference – Charleston, SC
    $6,000          2004 Scholarship Awards
    $17,500        2004 Habitat for Humanities
    $17,500        2007 Habitat for Humanities

Special National Recognition:
    1995        EVE Award – USDOL OFCCP (Exemplary Voluntary Efforts)
    2004        EEOC Partnership Recognition by Chair Cari Dominguez
    2004        OPAL Award – USDOL OFCCP (Outstanding Partnership and Liaison Award)

Community Service:
    Downtown Atlanta Senior Services – for the elderly - 1992 thru 1993
    Shepherd Spinal Center - 1993
    High School/High Tech – for disabled students – 1999 to present
    Habitat for Humanities - 2004

Additional Partnerships:
    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
    National Industry Liaison Group Board of Directors
    Georgia Department of Labor – High School/High Tech Program
    Georgia Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities
History of the Atlanta ILG