The AILG is proud to be part of the Ron Clark
Academy's 2009 Xtreme Bedroom Makeover for Kylie
who is 10 and is in 5th grade at the RCA
The Atlanta Industry Liaison Group is proud to be part of the Ron Clark
Academy's 2009 Xtreme Bedroom Makeover project.  We are very fortunate to
be able to makeover Kylie's room who attends the Ron Clark Academy
(RCA).  Kylie is currently 10, is in the 5th grade at RCA and was an
inspiration to all of us when we met her at her home and talked to her
about what she would like as part of the makeover.  The pictures on this
page show how her room is currently setup.  As you can see, there currently
is a blanket covering the window, which unfortunately does not close all the
way and the ceiling fan in the picture has a short in it so the light goes on and
off often.  Consequently, the light is off as a norm.  The only light Kylie has in
her room is the light shown in the picture to the left of her door.  She uses
that to be able to see to do her homework.  She also does not have a desk or
an area to study to do her homework.  Kylie has a very loving mom who is
doing a great job to support Kylie, but she could really use our help to make
sure Kylie's bedroom is setup to help support her learning at the RCA and
more importantly show off Kylie’s inner charm and exuberance that we saw
when we met her.  So please help us make this Xtreme Bedroom Makeover
an event that will help give Kylie what she needs to support her learning at the
RCA and help motivate her and her family moving into 2010.

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